The Soldiers of Co. B, 54th foot, Eastland Army

Thaddeus Firepelt

Thaddeus Firepelt is an Ayreman who grew up in the Chembrian city of Dennelford. Leaving the city to rejoin his clansmen in the Ayre Army, Thad has abandoned his home to fight for the ideals of the Saints and the homeland of his youth. Distrusted by his fellow soldiers, who mark his Chembrian accent and heritage, Thad has had a rough time making friends in the Company, although he is gradually becoming accepted as a patriot, not the enemy.

Benjamin Tann

Benjamin Tann is a farmer from the Eastland Dales, his farm on the Mistywine River. Benjamin joined the regiment as part of the Eastland Militia. Ben is somewhat of a father figure to the company, and he is well known for his kind nature and even head. He is part of the large Tann Clan, and he is familiar with his geneology which leaves him with a family member he has met in nearly every town and field in the region.

Tannet Burl

Hailing from the Barrens, Tannet Burl is a former hunter turned poacher. Short, scrappy and vulgar, Tannet tops the package off with an intense hatred of the Chembrians who have caused so much trouble in his homeland. His hunting skills have made him a natural skirmisher, and despite his rough edges, he has a way of making men follow him that will serve him well.

Sharl Rickett

A quarry man from the city of Limes, Sharl has spent his whole life in the rock yards, working off the debts of his father. Uneducated and sporting an accent that befuddles most non Westlanders, Sharl joined the Ayre army for adventure. There he has discovered a natural talent with the gun, which brought him off the line and into the light company where he is paired with Tannet as a skirmisher.

The NCOs

Sturm Bonnor

The son of a tanner in Low Holow, Sturm joined the army to escape the debt brokers after a failed business venture. There he found his calling as a natural soldier and he quickly rose to Sergent rank.

The Officers

Keen Nornen

Captain Keen is the son of a Wealthy landowner in Low Hollow. Joining the army to continue a family tradition, he has proven to be an able leader and his coolness under fire has earned him the nickname "The Rock" by his men.

Halden Kyer

Top of his class at the Low Hollow Military institute, Ensign Halden was promoted to Leiutenant to replace Keen after the latters promotion. Halden has proved to be an apt administrator and a master of drill, but his youth has many of the men chaffing at being lead by "Puppy Fuzz."

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