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Gah! I wish work would stabilize.

Last week I was supposed to spend the whole time up in Los Alamos at the new job. Stuff came up and it was delayed _AGAIN!_. =P So I spent the week pin-balling all around again. Hence the late last week.

I will be ballocked up in certification class again this week. Thankfully this is the last one on the schedule for a while. I will be going for an inspector cert later this year but I am going to delay that for a while. Open schedule. 4 Cert classes every 2-3 weeks over the last 3 months is enough thank you.

I have eaten up half of my buffer, despite the every other week posting schedule. This is not amusing. Hopefully the world slows down soon. I want to get back to my story again.

Nothing particular to add to this page. I had fun with it. No screaming errors I see that are annoying me. And I enjoyed the bottom frame. Particularly since I didnt have to dialogue it! ;)

Anyway. Time to go read my Nuke Cert book...

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