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I would love to give credit to whom this anecdote is taken, but the source is listed as "Anonymous", from 4th Texas Infantry, Robertson's Brigade, Describing the retreat of the broken unit off of Smiths Hill in the battle of Wauhatchie. I pulled it from the Chattanooga book of the voice of the Civil Wars series one of the best sources I have had for inspiration. I got such a laugh over "anonymous'" well written portrayal of the event I had to include it.

May have some down time coming up. My Laptop is going tits up on me, as is the mother board of my desktop computer. The former will go into the shop this week as I am still under apple care warranty. The latter is one month out of warranty and will be used till it croaks and discarded for an upgrade. The one thing I do dislike about apples current trend of compute construction. Everything attached to the motherboard so if something goes wrong with one element (The video card in this case) the whole thing has to be replaced.

I finished off the layout for the next chapter last week so I can start drawing again. Of course works gone nuts again and I ended up with two 60 hour weeks with half of each weeks hours being windshield time. This week looks o be the same. I am averaging about 250 miles a day lately.

If anyone is going to AC, I will be there this year. I am not going to do much this year except some sketchbook stuff and hopefully BTS dead tree sales. See me at the Dealers Den. Evening I should be tied up rather solid.

Anyhow. Off to try and get my old laptop running so I have something while the new one is in the shop.

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"By The Saints" is written and illustrated by Chris Kozloski. All characters and images are © Chris Kozloski and are not to be reproduced or used without permission.