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Artist notes for todays Comic
This is a page I have mixed thoughts over. The art I am completely satisfied with, which for me is a rarity. The page layout is pretty shoddy though, with the left hand side being a bit confusing as to whether to read straight down or go to the right to pannel three. My appologies for this confusion. I am a bit new at page layouts having done most my previous work as one page illustrations. The Panel 3 word bubbles are poorly placed. Again appologies. I learned my lessons so the future pages I hope will limit repeat oopses a minimum.

And I will try to vary the word "Aye" in the future. Yeesh! ;) Although it is a common use in the Ayre Dialect.

Highlights for me are the speed in which I did this page (Two days over the weekend) and how the character designs fell into place. I did however find the first gripe that has been a reoccuring mantra as I draw on this. Why the hell did I have to choose a night setting? =) Man! Having to darken the layouts and adjust line strengths to contrast the dark backgrounds takes a LOT of time. =)

Technical notes: Thad's Musket is based upon the Brown Bess musket of the British Army. Benjamin carrys a blunderbus as he is militia, not regular army, and is bringing his own weapon from home. This also explains the differences in the uniforms of the two-although Thads is mostly covered by his overcoat and hood.

Anyhow. I hope you like the page. Off to scrawl some more! =)

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"By The Saints" is written and illustrated by Chris Kozloski. All characters and images are © Chris Kozloski and are not to be reproduced or used without permission.