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Due to my realtor being out of town, and a snowstorm keeping me at the folks place, I actually managed to get 3/4 of a page done today. I am happy for that. It's been frustrating having to work all week, then house hunt all weekend. Nice to be able to sit down and relax.

Many folks have asked for a map of the region and I had some slow time at work this week so I threw together a rough map between tests. Here are some notes to help folks figure out where things are. I know the map is incomplete and some of the loctions are unnamed, but its something to go by.

Where to begin. The left hand side of the map is the Ayrelands, and the right hand side is Chembria. Starting with Chembria in the east, at the Northeast corner you can see along the coast the Three Estuariaes. Only two of the three are there on the map, but this is the central region of Chembria where three rivers flow into an estuarial bay with many natural harbors. Just northwest of the 3 estuaries you can see Dennelford, which is where Thad is from.

Moving southwest along The Pike, you encounter Hammersfall. This is an industrial city where ore from the mountins to the Northwest is brought down the river to the smelting and iron working operations in the city. It is also the location of the Chembrian training camps.

Further along The Pike you see the Kelyn River, and Arbors Station. This is the region the story is at today. Just to the East of that is Brenden and the Hannanil Valley, site of the riot in the streets during Thads flashback. You should recognize it from the map in the comic.

Continuing westwards along The Pike, we cross The Eyries through Corains Pass to the city of Corain in the Eastlands. Benjamin Tann's farm in in this region near where The Pike crosses Mistywine River.

North of the Eastlands you come to Long Hollow, a long valley nestled in the mountains. Long hollow is an imfamous town to the Ayres. It is an Ayre city that serves to service the farms and mines of the Northlands. The Chembrians have a strong presence in the city, though, and in many cases, the Chembrian landowners and debt brokers lived in the cities while they controlled the Ayre lands in the countryside. Consequently, Long Hollow has become a symbol of Chembrian interference in Ayre lands. Sgt Sturm is from Long Hollow.

Westward we come to Crossmoore. Locates at the Junction of two rivers, the Sweetwater Canal and The Pike, Crossmoore is an important city in the Ayrelands. The center of the Ayre training camps, this is where Thad came to become a soldier.

South of Crossmoore the Sweetwater river continues. As the river passes through the mountan hills and passes it goes through and are known as the Cataracts. the Ayres found it more convenent to build the Sweetwater canal to bypass the waterfalls, connecting the Eastlands to the Southlands and Winterdale. The Washing delta and the Southlands are one of the more prosperous regions of the Ayrelands, although the economy has ground to a halt from the Chembrian blockade of the Pass of Ayre to the east.

Continuing west along the Pike and the Sweetwater river, we move into the Westlands. I have not named the city that is the junction of the rivers but the region is a strong agricultural area that follows the Sweetwater river to the south west, the Barrens to the west, and the unnamed tributary to the north to Limes. As Thad hailed from Dennelford, he was placed in the Westland army, the recruiting officer deciding a Chamber needed to go to the lawless men of the west. (See the post on the Barrens two weeks ago to understand that.)

Limes is a rock quarrying area, supplying decorative marble and aggregate stones for most of the Ayrelands. Sharl, a character who will be introduced shortly, is from Limes. The Barrens, as I described in great detail 2 weeks ago, is located to the far west of the map. Tannet, another new character, is from this region.

Finally, the the southwest you will see Fire Cove. Fire Cove plays no role in By the Saints, but it is the home city of my character Tarin, and the scene of the picture last week.

Thats it. Maps will be coming again as the story progresses. I also have plans to make a large, small scale, hexagon map of the entire region that will be usable with the "Great Campaigns of the American Civil War" rule system. But I need free time for that which is not happening now. I hope this helps folks picture what is going on geographicly.

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"By The Saints" is written and illustrated by Chris Kozloski. All characters and images are © Chris Kozloski and are not to be reproduced or used without permission.