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Had a lot of time at work so I threw together a picture to use as this weeks filler.

As the caption says, this is a picture of a group of Ayre Foxes fortifying a ford. These fortifications are not of the permenant types you would find in the major cities, but the wood reinforcing shows these are a step above field trenches.

In the distance there is a bastion housing a dug in battery of fixed artilery. Notice the guns are angled to cover the front of the infantry trenches, in addition to the exit of the ford.

The basions are linked by a series of trenches. The trenches have been improved with a rampart on the facing edge towards the ford. Inside you can see a fire step in the trench. In the center of the picture a group of soldiers are seen placing a "Head log" while an axeman works on stripping branches for the next section. When using the trench, a soldier would stand ont he lower level of the trench as he loads, then step up onto the fire step to attack, He would fire under the head log which would protect his head while he aimed. Then he would step back down out of sight to reload.

In the face of the rampart, are some anti-cavalry spikes, and before that is an abbatis. The abbatis is a series of half stripped trees and brush with the tangled ends facing out to disrupt the lines of the enemy. The abbatis is supplimented by some additional spikes and posts are driven behind it to keep the enemy from rolling it over to form a wall of their own. Beyond the abbatis the trees have all been cut down to provide an open field of fire in the kill zone.

Taking such a location would be costly. Artilery would hammer the rampart and bastions, clearing the abbatis, spikes and headlogs. An infantry assault would follow which would probably take high casaulties. But the position would not probably require an extended siege.

Out in RL things are shaping up nicely. Finished the loan process and once I get some insurance paperwork into the loan officer all that remains is closing. I cant wait to move in. I miss having my own place.

I didnt get anything done on the comic this week. I had 5, 14 hour days in a row, Tues-Sat. I had some slow time at work between tests where I managed to scribble up this picture, but nothing on the official comic. I dont take it with me in the dust and elements. Hopefully this week will slow down so I can get some drawing done.

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"By The Saints" is written and illustrated by Chris Kozloski. All characters and images are © Chris Kozloski and are not to be reproduced or used without permission.