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Hello all! Sorry for the lack of updating. RL has been unkind and work has been insane. 14-17 hour workdays in the week, my dad in the hospital last weekend, and recovering this weekend do not make good times for keeping up with pet projects. The above chart is an aid I came up with to be able to show the placement of officers in the army. I had researched the distribution of the Napoleonic and US Civil War brigades, regiments etc and came to the conclusion there was nothing completely set in stone. Some brigades has 4 regiments, some 6, and as the war went on, brigades that once numbered 2 or 3 thousand men were tragicly down to several hundred. And the same was how officers were distributed. There was a method to the madness but attrition and combat vacancies often meant the chain of command was equally confused. So I came up with this sheet one bored day at work. After the problems ont he uniforn sheets, last hiatus, I only shrank it down to 100 dpi rather than the usual 72 to make it easier to read. I think I illustrate with this handwriting exhibition why I use the computer fonts.=) I have managed to get 2 pages done since the last post. The buffer is only 3 pages but it is better than one. =) I am back to a night scenes again so the frame time is about double the usual rate, like the first chapter of the comic. But i am happy with how things are coming out. Dawn is about to break and then the scenes will become challenging again. I am looking forward to this part of the comic for the drawing and layout challenges it will present. I am looking around town to the local printers to put together a chapter one and 2 "Dead Tree" version. Would folks be interested in such before I dump all the cash? Please respond to the Forum. Back to the salt mines.

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"By The Saints" is written and illustrated by Chris Kozloski. All characters and images are © Chris Kozloski and are not to be reproduced or used without permission.