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Been on "Vacation for the lat 2 weeks . I got about days "Off" during the 2 weeks, 5 days falling to certification classes and tests, and 4 more to errands, appointments and such. I get another week "off" the 30th-4th, but I am loosing 2 days of it to certification classes, accountant, and I really need to get to the doctor on the 3rd. Don't you love being out of town? Get a vacation to catch up on all the chores and errands you have missed.

Hard to say that I had fun with this page, but I did. It was a fun draw. I left space for word bubbles, Too much in Frame 1 it seems, but I;d rather have too much than too little .

This week I am officially taking myself to story-boarding chapter 8 in the work downtime so I can get my buffer back. I am down to 4 pages from 12. The next chapter is going to be fun to draw though so I am looking forward to it.

Anyhow. Time to pack and drive off to the sticks.

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"By The Saints" is written and illustrated by Chris Kozloski. All characters and images are © Chris Kozloski and are not to be reproduced or used without permission.