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With all the snow about I thought this would be an appropriate subject matter for the filler.

Been drawing like mad. I looks like I have about 2 more weeks of this insane workload. After that I dont know what work will be like. THe place I have been working at for the last 3 years will be on hold. So I will head back to Albuquerque for the new assignment.

I will probably be on floating duty until another full time site comes up. The good thing is this makes for quick days as I am rarely sitting still as I go from site to site. The bad thing is it is either hit or miss. You either end up with a 60 hour week, or a 30 hour one at this time of the year. Hopefully I'll end up where I have some down time and can continue work on the comic. It looks like I am going to have about a 4 month buffer once I get back to posting, but that can disappear rapidly. TIme will tell.

I have two outstanding commissions. To those folks, I have not forgotten you. I just have not had time to mess with them as all my color stuff is at home or in the hotel and by the time I get back there, the natural light is under the horizon and I dont like the light the worthless energy saver bulbs put out.

As for the greyscale work on the comic, I am on my 4th page for the week. SHould finish it and get to the 5th page today. My work requires my eyeballs this week so I have been productive, sitting in the truck, drawing board on the steering wheel and my gut, watching what I need to watch through the wind shield while I draw. Glorious timing for this I must add. Its been colder than hell outside and I have been able to hide in the truck with the heat on. :)

Anyhow. Thats the update. Keep watching. Thank you for your patience. The Hiatus should end soon.

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"By The Saints" is written and illustrated by Chris Kozloski. All characters and images are © Chris Kozloski and are not to be reproduced or used without permission.