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Wow. 3 weeks.

There are a lot of reason I have been late lately. I had a certification class for work that ate up last weekend. The week before was highlighted with the fact that over Thurs/Friday I worked 27 hours and drove over 1000 miles.

I have not drawn a single line of BTS since Ute Lake stopped. I am beginning to miss that place. It's nice to be home, but my "being home" has been a collection of jobs on all ends of the state. I am not complaining mind you. I could be one of the unemployed. But holy crap! I have no life.

Case in point. Its 8:00pm as I post and write this. I have to go do tests at a site in 2 hours.

No whining here. I am just informing folks why I have been late the last 3 weeks. I have a job starting up in Los Alamos shortly, that should allow me some evening time again without all the 3 am drive 200 mile wake ups that have been plaguing my life of late.

I have the next chapter finally outlined and waiting for layout. I am looking frward to this as it is a very fun part of the comic.

Anyhow. I hope you like the strip today. Its a darned good chapter in my opinion with a lot of twists and turns coming up ahead.

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"By The Saints" is written and illustrated by Chris Kozloski. All characters and images are © Chris Kozloski and are not to be reproduced or used without permission.