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Just to help out with todays page.

Rather an important page in the story I think. I hope he has eyes on the back of his head though.

Sorry about last week. I had a certificate test I had to take on Saturday, found out it was Saturday on Tuesday when I was planning on uploading the comic. Sometimes work can drive me up the wall. I had asked about this a month ago and found out about the date the week it was due. I can not complain too much though. I usually get schedule raped when I have cert. tests coming up, but a series of fortuitous delays allowed me to study in between tests on 3 job sites. I think I did well. Hell I should have. Been doin' the stuff on the test for 11 years now.

Work has been conspiring to keep me from drawing again. I drew two frames the week before last and have not had time to draw. Were it not for the darned cert. test I would have been drawing all last week during that down time. Its one of the few benefits of my job, the ability to draw in between my tests. 3/4 of the comic you see was drawn just that way. I really dont miss being out of town in Logan any more, but I do miss the wonderful opportunity I had to draw. That I miss.

Well its almost 9:00. Gonna post and then flop and rot till bed time. As always. Comments in the forum are welcome. Helps me know the readers are still there. I need to get a statistics monitor installed so I can know how many hits I have.

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"By The Saints" is written and illustrated by Chris Kozloski. All characters and images are © Chris Kozloski and are not to be reproduced or used without permission.