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Had some fun with this one. I feel sorry for the "Number two" Spongeman on the gun. It actually isn't his fault for the stupidity. The artist had his head in his nether regions when he drew the second frame and made "number two" ram the ball home with the sponge end rather than the plunger end of the ramrod. I noticed this after I spray fixed the graphite on the page so it wasnt an easy fix. Fortunately these are green troops under their first action so I shifted "Number Ones" wrath upon his poor subordinate. Its great to be the artist some times. ;)

Just as a fair warning to my readers. In RL I am preparing for a move across the country from GA to NM. Consequently, I had not had hardly any time to work on the comic the last week or two. Fortunately, Chapter one is completed and ready for posting, and I should reach the end of Chapter 1 in about a months time on here. Unfortunately, If things keep carrying on demanding my time like they are in RL, I may run out of an acceptable buffer to keep my stress levels down.

In addition, my arrival in NM will begin a house hunt so I fear my buffer will suffer even more a time dwindles. Consequently, I am contemplating a short hiatus at the end of chapter one to deal with RL and to help get my buffer back to the level I want it to be at. I will do my best to avoid the hiatus as I really do not want to interupt the flow of the story or make you folks wait for the next pages. But I may have to do so. I'll keep you all updated as the move grows closer.

Of course work may relent and I may go on a drawing binge again and churn out 3 pages like I did one week back in July before the comic went online. Heres to hoping that will occur.

Anyhow. Which would you folks prefer if I must take this route?

  • A break with only some of my old pictures on Ayre, and my design drawings as filler?
  • My going on a breif bimonthly schedule rather than a weekly schedule?
  • Me goin cold turkey on updating for a couple weeks so I can devote all the time I need on the comic buffer and getting a web page that looks somewhat profesional?
Let me know what you think on the forum.

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"By The Saints" is written and illustrated by Chris Kozloski. All characters and images are © Chris Kozloski and are not to be reproduced or used without permission.