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Never leave your ramrod. The glare Thad recieved from Sturm on the top left of page 14 has come back to roost. =) Ben appears to have been little help in the matter with his ribbing, but of course what are friends for.

Thad is actually a little lucky, as the abuse of his dignity is much lesser than first intended. My origonal plan was to have a half dozen soldiers cheering Thad on like a sporting match, as he scrambled for the ramrod between the shells. But I have to admit I got a little lazy and didn't want to draw them all. Besides, I only had five soldiers drawn in the ambush. One of whom is Sturm, who is a little better disciplined than to participate in such things, and the other. Well he just doesnt have the head for such things.

RL is being Ornery again. I have to admit BTS has been back burner as I have been socializing with my friends here before the move. That and Return of the King's extended version came out which ruined my Saturday of drawing. In addition, I had a bit of a slow drawing day which threw off my schedule as I had to spend some time researching and designing the uniform of a Garovanan observer who will make an appearance shortly. I have 2/3 page plus one frame done on this weeks comic so I am a little behind schedule. Dont know how many of you care about all this, but I like to let folks know whats up in the production here.

Thanks for the comments in the forum as per last weeks blog. I am leaning towards a pause on page 20, which is the end of chapter one. I will post up some filler drawings during that time: some old drawings in the Ayre lands of another charcter of mine. some of the design drawings I have of the characters and uniforms and some one page sketches I have done at work. Hopefully the delay will be minimal. I don't see much more a delay than 2 weeks if all goes well.

Well I need to clear the line. Going to get ome Thai food with a friend of mine. Have a Merry Christmas. Check back on the 25th for my Christmas card. =)

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"By The Saints" is written and illustrated by Chris Kozloski. All characters and images are © Chris Kozloski and are not to be reproduced or used without permission.