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Starting a new chapter. Time to see what the others have been up to while Thad is getting whacked by spoons and sleeping in feather beds.

I should be drawing this week but I am not certain how well that is going to happen. I have a war game meet this upcoming weekend, and the theme is testing a large map and its scenarios I hope to publish. So much of my work downtime is going to be tweaking game material. I do plan to do some drawing at least. I had better not let my buffer go like I did the last time.

Work is 50/50% on whether its going to be a bitch this week or not. If its a bitch, that means the bridge will be done. If not, then I still have to wait on the bridge, but will have an easy week. Something tells me shit will hit the fan on Friday. I have a dental appointment then. Knowing Murphys law, they will try to do something this weekend, thus ruining my play test meet at the war game club. If either happens, you all will hear my profanity RL.

Anyhow. Off to check some work stuff. Been draining water all morning, from all the thunderstorms that flooded the site over the weekend. Should be ready for me to start testing again, shortly.

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"By The Saints" is written and illustrated by Chris Kozloski. All characters and images are © Chris Kozloski and are not to be reproduced or used without permission.