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I think this is one of the best pages I have done. I am happy it i up so I can use the bottom frame as a banner now. =)

Something was driving me nuts. In the battle of Quebec, there was "the perfect volley" fired by the British vs the French. I have read a reference to a nickname for "Perfect Volleys" somewhere, but I'll be darned if I can remember it. If any one can find the name I would be appreciative.

Since I never found the missing nickname, I couldn't have Halden shouting it. Couldn't have him call it a "Volley fit for Wolfe" as he didn't exist in this timeline. So I tried to indicate this "Perfect Volley" by the carnage in the enemy line.

For those who don't know. in the Battle of Quebec, General Wolfe's troops fired a volley that nearly wiped out their opposite in one discharge. The "Perfect Volley" as it was later described.

On another tack, if you are new to the comic, please say hello in the "Welcome" section of the forum. I have no idea if the readership is growing, shrinking or anything of the sort so an occasional hello from new faces does wonders for my morale. :)

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